CAUSA, a management consultancy firm with offices in Berlin, Brussels and Wiesbaden, specialises in strategic consultancy, sales enablement and communication. We have extensive experience working with clients in commerce and politics on a European scale as well as on an international basis.


Our activities are focused on innovative growth strategies and their analytical, structure and communication oriented aspects. An international network, with consultants in Brussels, Copenhagen and Washington D.C., as well as other partner organizations, guarantees qualified support on the spot and an on-going exchange of experience.










Amongst our clients we count international and export oriented SMEs, public institutions and listed companies.


Our staff have many years experience in the public sector, as well as knowledge and competence acquired in private enterprise, in internationally acclaimed consultancy companies and communication agencies.




(B2B/Private to Public Sector)

CAUSA Sales & Growth Toolkit offers a comprehensive range of instruments for supporting growth strategies. “Bridging the gap” is our prime concern: how can business strategy and implementation be reconciled best in situ? Our answer: sales enablement is a strategic, continuous process, providing all client-oriented colleagues with the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue with the appropriate decision-makers systematically and with consistency.


CAUSA has defined standard processes for collecting data as a basis for strategic analysis. These can be adapted to the respective requirements of our clients. We identify trends and convert the results of analysis and evaluation into qualified management consultant advice.


CAUSA focuses on the establishment and support of multiple stakeholder engagement. We pave the way for our clients so that they can contact their business partners directly and in an optimal context. We combine their strengths with the best approach: personal, authentic and long-term on suitable platforms.

What qualities do our clients value most?


  • We have a comprehensive range of expertise in commercial, industrial and political consultancy, as well as in business development.
  • We have extensive references in strategic consultancy and communication, as well as in the follow-up communication and participation processes.
  • We focus on advising and implementing "on time, on target", according to clear KPIs, while remaining in constant communication with our clients.


Dr. Martin Schoessler

Managing Partner

Martin Schoessler specialises in the sectors of business intelligence, market research and management consultancy. He was previously Director Public Sector at Frost & Sullivan and Senior Manager Finance and Government at The Economist (EIU). His career began at Germany Trade and Invest/IIC, where he was personal adviser to the CEO and responsible for the campaign “Germany – Land of ideas” ("Deutschland - Land der Ideen“).


  • Market research, management consultancy and integrated communication 
  • Key Market Trends & Innovation Pattern in IT, finance and automotive sectors
  • Business intelligence

Academic career:

Martin Schoessler studied philosophy, economics and journalism at the University of Heidelberg and at the American University in Washington, D.C. He wrote his thesis on the subject “Alexis de Tocqueville and the shaping of modern democracy” (Universities of Heidelberg and Regensburg) and is a member of the German British Society and the Global Innovation Network. Furthermore, he is a "Young Strategist" in the Gulf and Middle East Programme of the IISS in London. In 2012, he supervised the project "Future Urban Industries", as fellow of the new responsibility foundation.

Rafael Porto Carrero

Senior Advisor (assoc.)

Rafael Porto Carrero has been a journalist-entrepreneur for more than ten years. On graduating from university he started his career with the Flemish magazine Knack. Since then he's been specialising in EU Affairs, ICT and Digital Services with regular contributions to the English-language weekly New Europe and the Belgian investigative site Apache.be. Besides his work for CAUSA he also writes for the French language magazine Le Vif L'Express and provides supplements to the daily newspaper Het Nieuwsblad and Knack, a weekly magazine. Rafael Porto Carrero speaks seven languages and holds several European master degrees.

Dr. Frederik Mortensen

Senior Advisor (assoc.)

Dr. Frederik Mortensen is an expert in business transformation and CAUSA Nordic Countries Representative. He has far-reaching experience on the Nordic and German markets in the field of business strategy and transformation, with special regard to market entry strategies and market expansion. In addition, Dr. Mortensen is specialised in consultancy services for companies and organisations in connection with market positioning, sales and multichannel communications strategies.


  • Market & business intelligence (IT, technology and media, health sector, wholesale trade) 
  • Go to market and transnational business expansion
  • Business strategy and transformation

Academic career:

Prior to completing his studies in business management (Executive MBA) at the Probana Business School, Copenhagen, Dr. Frederik Mortensen completed his doctorate in ethics, philosophy and religion at the universities of Copenhagen, Heidelberg and Chicago.

Emmanuel Ph. Jansa

Senior Advisor (assoc.)

Emmanuel Jansa is Network Partner of CAUSA. His company, First Step provides B2B sales consulting and lead qualification services. During his career, he worked for Bureau van Dijk, a business intelligence publisher, where he developed the Vienna business presence, increasing sales throughout Austria and Eastern Europe.
Previously, he was Marketing Manager at pressetext.austria news agency. He is also a co-founding Partner in GREEN SOURCE, a leading Photovoltaic developer and operator in Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Lead Sourcing & Generation
  • Sales Advisory
  • Business Enablement

Academic career:

Emmanuel Jansa made his MA in International Business at the Vienna University of Business and Economics.