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How Government and IT Vendors can Work Better Together

Jul 1, 2016

For years, government agencies and IT vendors have not always seen perfectly eye to eye due to the various challenges they place on each other. IT vendors are under pressure to meet compliance and user needs, while municipal organizations are concerned with updates and new trends that are constantly emerging.

However, there is a better way for these two groups to interact and forge a lasting relationship. By working closely with a chosen IT vendor, you have a partner able to support you and a solution that fits your unique requirements.

Choosing a capable vendor

One of the easiest ways to embrace technology is to pick a provider with the support and solution to meet your needs. NXP contributor Martin Schoessler noted that a vendor’s offerings must have the capability of shaping modern cities.

Municipal officials must start thinking in terms of technology that will enable government efficiency and development for the future. Discussions over large projects with relevant parties including IT vendors could lead to better decision-making and firmer solutions. Local leaders must understand what tools to look for and how these assets can be leveraged effectively to innovate community operations.

“The earlier this is able to happen and the more knowledge and information that is shared the better the working relationship will be and the better our cities will be able to evolve,” Schoessler wrote.

If a municipal agency does not have an IT expert in-house, state CIOs can set the example for how leaders can build relationships with technology providers. According to NASCIO, some of the most important considerations include if a vendor understands the community’s problems and if they are prepared for any stakeholder meetings. Should a vendor fail to meet either of these requirements, it will significantly affect the partnership.

“Technology providers must also anticipate future problems that may come from regulations and laws.”

Municipalities must always have a clear knowledge of their own strategic IT plan, structure and initiatives. This information can help you choose solutions that will fit the organization’s needs. However, leaders must also anticipate future problems that may come from regulations and laws. Keeping up with these aspects will help adapt to the changing environment while enabling users to continue working as usual.

Government organizations and IT providers are becoming more closely intertwined due to technology initiatives and the need to better support employees. By understanding each other’s needs, they will be better able to work together and forge a long-lasting relationship.



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